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Panhellenic Academic Programming

The women of the Panhellenic community on the University of Arizona campus have much to be proud of for their scholastic achievements. Our Fall 2015 all-sorority average was above the university's all women's average and each of the sororities are in good academic standing. 

GPA Statistics for Fall 2015

All Women's GPA for Fall 2015: 3.063  All Sorority GPA for Fall 2015: 2.985

Student Body GPA for Fall 2015: 2.951 All Greek GPA for Fall 2015: 2.91 

Panhellenic's overall GPA for Fall 2015:  3.128

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Academic Programs:

Greek Academy

Greek Academy is a 6-session academic program designed to provide participants with new learning techniques to improve their academic success at UA. Greek Academy is not for UA credit, but it is designed to compliment UA class requirements and scholarship programs of individual Greek chapters. There is a $155 one-time fee per participant for the entire program. There are two methods of payment. The participant can either (1) pay for the program individually and charge it to their bursars account, or (2) the chapter can be billed for the individual(s) participating in the program. There are scholarships available.

Incentive Programs

Incentive Programs are in place such as recognition in the Arizona Daily Wildcat, award certificates for the sororities with the highest overall GPA, highest new member GPA, highest active GPA, and most improved GPA.


Academic Resource Manual

Sample Scholarship Program

For more information regarding academics, please contact Alexis Dehaven, VP of Internal Affairs, at