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Panhellenic Academic Requirements


Academics are highly valued at The University of Arizona. A woman will likely be released from recruitment if she does not meet the minimum chapter GPA requirements. We encourage, but do not require, a 3.0 high school unweighted GPA to participate in recruitment. 

Summer 2016 grades will not be factored into your individual GPA for recruitment purposes unless a woman is a returning UA student or has transferred from an accredited community college or university. If you are a returning UA student, or have transferred from an accredited community college or university, you must have the minimum required college transfer GPA. As a participant in recruitment, you will have your cumulative GPA verified through the University of Arizona enrollment system. The GPA listed on the recruitment registration information may be changed if there is discrepancy between your official transcript and your application. 

Have an extenuating circumstance for your GPA being the way it is? Go to this website and fill out the form that says "Women's Recruitment - PNM Academic Information Form" under the "Recruitment/Intake" section.

Minimum Chapter GPA Recommendations for Women Participating in Recruitment:

Minimum GPA # of Chapters
High School 3.3 1
3.1 1
3.0 10
College (24+ credits) 3.0 1
2.9 1
2.78 1
2.75 8
2.5 1


For chapter academic performances from the last few semesters, click here!

For more information regarding academics within the Greek community, please contact Alexis Dehaven, VP of Internal Affairs, at

 If you need to send a transcript in to our office, please email it to or fax it to (520) 621-0767.