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Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors

 What is a Recruitment Counselor? 


Recruitment Counselors are women from each Panhellenic chapter at the University of Arizona who are disassociated from their own chapters during formal Sorority Recruitment. These women are educated to represent Panhellenic attitudes and ideals. They are there to:

  • Provide support, friendship, and personal guidance to the young women going through the Recruitment process.

  • Provide an objective liaison between Panhellenic Chapters and Potential New Members as an aid to communication.

  • Promote an understanding of the benefits of Greek affiliation and the emphasis of the similarities in ideals and goals of all women’s fraternities.

  • Encourage Potential New Members to continue in the Recruitment process through Preference Day and to accept the maximum number of invitations possible during each round.

Being a Recruitment Counselor also gives these disassociated women the opportunity to learn more about themselves and to grow stronger as individuals by helping their campus and community through hard work, discipline, and sincere dedication.